Your guide to growing your business organically and passively through email marketing and SEO

You can transform your online business without the overwhelm...

even if you're brand new to or confused by email marketing and SEO.

Before I tell you about the membership, let's chat about YOU

You want to achieve online success, am I right?

Which means you've probably bought all the courses, listened to the advice (that you still don't understand) of so-called experts, and tried countless different strategies to build a community of people who actually want to buy what you're selling.

There's just one tiny problem...

While everyone is promoting the latest high-ticket products, nobody is actually teaching you and guiding you on HOW to effectively use SEO and email marketing in a way that you understand.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever felt like...

  • You're lost in the maze of SEO jargon?

  • Email marketing is a scary task you'd rather not think about?

  • You have no idea what the heck you'd even say to your email list?

  • Growing your online presence feels like an uphill battle?

    Can I just tell you... I HEAR YOU!

🌟 The Index to Inbox Academy has everything you need to streamline your email marketing and simplify your SEO strategy so you can focus on what you love while growing your business. 🌟

Email + SEO Connection

My Signature Path to Grow Your Business

  • SEO attracts interested visitors to your site

  • Email marketing captures and converts them into valuable subscribers

As an email marketer, I hear two things repeatedly:

1. From established business owners: "I wish I would have started my email list sooner"

2. From those just starting out: "How do I grow my email list?"

With Index to Inbox Academy, you'll not only get your email list up and running immediately but also ensure it keeps growing steadily.



  • Write valuable weekly email newsletters so that you can effortlessly engage your audience and boost conversions

  • Master Flodesk and/or MailerLite so that you can automate your email marketing and save time to focus on other things.

  • Learn and understand core SEO principles and effective keyword research techniques so that you can attract organic traffic to your website.

  • Attend exclusive marketing webinars so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies.

Curious About What Other Members Have Said?

Here's what you'll get when you join:

  • A library of mad-lib style email templates *with new ones updated weekly!

  • Access to in-depth email lessons and courses

  • Step-by-step video tutorials on Flodesk and MailerLite

  • Monthly webinars to stay updated with industry trends and strategies.

  • SEO tutorials, templates, and best practice guides and tutorials to help you rank higher on Google.

  • Keyword research walkthroughs to help you target the right audience effectively.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY New content is updated weekly + monthly, and YOU have a direct influence on what we add based on your specific needs.

Are You Ready??

Join us inside and say goodbye to the overwhelming world of digital marketing!

Just $27/month

So why should you trust me?

Well...let me introduce myself! 👋

Hi, I'm Emilee!

It's my mission to help bloggers, course creators, and online business owners like you take on the world of email marketing and SEO so you can achieve the online success you've been dreaming of.

With a background of over a decade in corporate project administration and 5+ years as a blogger and digital marketer, I bring a unique perspective to the world of digital marketing.

My experience has taught me how to create efficient systems and streamlined workflows, ensure that communications are effective and efficient, and analyze results!

I'm beyond excited to guide you through the journey of seeing how email marketing and SEO work together in an easy to understand way so you can confidently take control of your online presence and achieve remarkable results.

Let's transform your online business together!

Questions? I've got answers!

How much does the membership cost?

The membership is priced at just $27 per month which you can cancel at anytime, meaning you're NOT locked in!

What if I don't have a ton of hours to devote to this?

No worries! The content is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn and implement at your own pace. You can access the resources whenever it suits your schedule. In addition, the tutorials guide you through various tech aspects step by step so there are no guessing games.

What if I'm a total newbie to email marketing and SEO? Can I still use this?

Absolutely! This membership is tailored to be beneficial for businesses and business owners at all stages of their journey. I provide step-by-step guidance to ensure everyone can benefit.

Do I have to already have a website, email list, SEO tools, etc?

Nope! You don't need anything! Software or specific knowledge included. We start from the basics and build your expertise from there.

What do I get again? And when do I get access?

As a member, you get access to a range of email marketing and SEO resources, including email templates, video tutorials, courses, and more. You'll have immediate access upon signing up.

And remember, the best part is that it grows constantly with new email templates updated weekly and video tutorials + other resources updated regularly!

What if I don't like it? Can I get my money back?

Yes! I offer a 100% refund guarantee. If you're not satisfied, you can cancel your membership within the first 7 days for a full refund. You can also cancel your monthly membership at anytime - you're not locked in, promise!!

How long can I access the content?

You'll have ongoing access to our content as long as you're a member. You can revisit and benefit from the materials as often as you like during your membership subscription.

What if I have a question or am looking for something that's not addressed in the membership?

The great thing about being a part of my membership community is that it's a dynamic and evolving resource. If you ever have a question or need assistance with something that's not currently covered, I've got you covered. I value my members' input and actively prioritize your needs and requests when creating new content. Your feedback and questions play a vital role in shaping the direction of the membership, ensuring it remains a valuable and relevant resource for everyone.

If your question hasn't been answered here PLEASE email me at so I can be sure this membership is the perfect fit for you!


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